Constipation, a common condition that children face at multiple stages in their lives. Although a child may not directly tell you that they are suffering from constipation, there are a few symptoms that signal it. If the child takes a long time before using the restroom and when they do, they have difficulty releasing the feces. Furthermore, they experience abdominal pain, and there may be smidgens of blood in their stool.


There is a number of things that bring constipation but the most common ones are;

• Poor eating habits. Children who fail to eat foods rich in fibers and vegetables are likely to suffer from constipation.
• Bowel movements. If the child has a habit of disliking going to the toilet, they are likely to be constipated. This is because they make their bodies used to not releasing waste when it is due.
• Medicine. There are medications that may cause constipation when orally ingested.
• Family genes. Some constipation problems may be hereditary.


Treatment for constipation in children involves eating foods rich in fiber, drinking a lot of water and if it needs more attention than your Pediatrician can put the child on a particular medicine to make the feces soft and comfortable to be released.

Admission in the hospital may be necessary to monitor the condition of the child if none of these solutions are working. You should be in close contact with your pediatrician keeping him informed.