Childs First Day Of School

Your childs first day of school is always a glorious moment but it comes with its own challenges. Most parents are afraid of the separation anxiety and are not prepared to let their children out into the world’. The day can be interesting but for both the child and the parents, it can be quite stressful. This is why it is crucial to get rid of the first day jitters by preparing the child enough for the first day. Children are impressionable and what they learn about school before they attend will remain in their mind. It is therefore up to the parents to create a positive perception of school and all will be well.

Prepare Them Mentally

Your child will pick up on the things you say to them. Talk about how you loved school. All the fun things to do in school. Take some time and show them some of the things they are going to do in school. How in kindergaden they will play games with other classmates, do projects and  physical excersise. Take the child to the schools playground when the school is not in session to familiarize the child. Give your child the confidence he or she needs before the first day of school.

Show The Importance Of School

It is your duty as apparent to lead your child into believing that school is important and it is not something that is forced rather something they should be in love with. Use the playing and the physical activity to convince them that they will be having as much fun as they do on the play ground in the park. Find all reasons that will give them a perception that school is a beautiful place and ensure that everything you tell them is true or you will be dealing with a disappointed child at the end of the day. Another important thing to mention on your childs first day of school preparation is the importance of education and how fun books, reading and writing are. With proper preparation, you will have a happy child in love with school.

Children And Fitness

When you are preparing for your childs first day at school, you might want to consider explaining to them that they will be playing with other kids and having fun. This will at least get rid of part of the separation anxiety that they might be afraid of when you are not with them,

Fitness is not always important for adults only; children actually need it most because their bodies are still developing and they need all the exercises for stronger muscles and bones. Their body organs will also require to be worked out and this will result in healthier bodies. When your child is young, all they do is eat and sleep and this is why they need some physical activity to ensure that all the energy is used up and not directed to other destructive behaviors. You should therefore ensure that the school where your child is starting their long education journey understands the important of children’s physical fitness.