Children’s Drawings and Their Importance

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Artists usually convey their life and emotions through their drawings and paintings. There are no exceptions when it comes to kids’ drawings. The same way you can be able to derive a lot of information about an artist through his or her artwork, you can also get a lot of information regarding a child through his or her drawings.

Some of the information you can be able to derive from the drawings include the mood of the child, his or her perception of things and people.

Whenever your child draws something and they show it to you, make it a point to have a look at the drawing, commend them and ask questions. Hang it  on the fridge as thi will make it easier for your children to approach you whenever they have drawn something. This will give you more insight into their life.

Some of the things you need to examine include the objects that have been drawn, the people who have been included in the drawing, how the people are related to the objects and the colors that have been used. By observing the objects, you can tell whether a child is happy or not. If we take an example of children who witnessed mommy being abused by daddy their drawings may consist of daddy over mommyyelling wich informs you that the child may have some trauma. If a child draws the father watching television, the mother in the kitchen and the child playing alone, that shows you the lifestyle of the family. The message derived from the drawing may be that the parents are not paying much attention to the child. This is a call of action for the parents. The child needs attention.

Colors can also tell you quite a lot about the mood of the child. If black is the dominant color used in the drawings, it may indicate that the child is depressed. Of course, you may not be able to understand all the drawings of your child. When this is the case, kindly ask them to explain the drawing. Never ignore your child’s drawings. They can be what you need to help your children grow mentally and emotionally. Pictures are a powerful tool that can be effectively used for the well being of your child.