Children are the essence of life. They make this world beautiful and our life meaningful. While being the most liked part of the society, children are also the most vulnerable. They are prone to diseases, abuse etc as they do not have the capacity to understand all the things going around them.
Responsibility of Parents
Parents must be highly responsible in bringing up their children. They should not take them for granted. They are individuals who have come to make your life meaningful and they have all the rights for good care and nourishment.
Clean Habits
Diseases easily attack children since their immune system is not as strong as grown-ups. They have to be taught clean habits. They should be taught to wash and clean themselves very neatly after they return from school, play ground, wash room etc.
Saftey of Children
Children easily fall prey for many undesirable activities of adults. It is therefore, the duty of the parents to educate the children about good touch, bad touch, good and bad behaviour of elders towards them. Parents must not think that they do not have enough time to teach the children about these things. It is their responsibility to care for their child.

Routine medical check ups is essential for a child. Height, weight and age appropriate mental wellness has to be checked periodically. Vision, hearing and other senses also must be checked as these are also problems that can affect children’s growth.

Parenting is an art. Parents should be friendly as well as firm. Their firmness in making the children understand their responsibility is very important as children will learn to care for themselves.