Child Proofing

Child Proofing

If you are a new parent then you must be worried sick about the safety of your child. Parents are constantly worried about how to protect their kids from violent acts but forget about smaller threats. Children between the ages of 1 and 4 are more likely to die from fire, choking and falls than anything else. All these accidents can occur around the house. To prevent the occurrence of such accidents, you should consider child proofing.

Scope out your house
Get down on all fours and see the house from a baby’s view. This way, you will be able to see the objects that are in reach and those that can harm your baby. If you find cupboards and drawers that your baby can easily get into, you need to remove all harmful objects from them. Make sure that there are no sharp objects or small gadgets that can be swallowed within the baby’s reach. If you cannot remove items from your drawers due to space limitations, keep them locked.

Cover outlets
All electrical outlets should be covered properly. Do not use small caps that can be easily removed by the baby. Not only are they a choking hazard, but they will leave the outlet uncovered.

Heavy bookcases and shelves that are within the baby’s reach should be properly secured in place. Television sets should not be placed on the edge because they can fall on your child.

Use gates
Most parents prefer to use safety gates to keep their children out of certain areas of the house such as stairs. However, gates can pose a greater threat to your child if they are not installed properly.
Child proofing is not easy and it takes commitment, however it is worth it to keep your baby stays safe.