Celebrating Fathers Day

Fathers day is her and its an important holiday to celebrate and discuss. Its an opportunity for children to thank their fathers for everything they’ve done for them in their life, to show their appreciation and love, and to just have a fun holiday. Its also a nice opportunity for fathers to take a day off work, relax, and just recognize how much they valued in their family. This day honors parental bonds and the influence of fathers in society.

Having a great dad is everything to a child – a father is often the head of the family, a role model and a friend. Fathers leave a lasting footprint in the lives of their children and influence their behavior, actions and personality in many positive ways. There aren’t enough words in the world to describe the importance of this parental figure in the life of a child, and its important to realize that the child would not have been born without one.

Everyone on the planet has a father, despite the circumstances, and whether or not the father is present in their life says a lot about a family and their relationships. A father is often the first person that a newborn gets to know so he’s the standard for what females sometimes expect of men (and their future acquaintances). Sons often inherit the same likes and interests as their fathers and proceed to pursue a similar career in life and live a similar lifestyle.

Without a father, there wouldn’t be the kind of tight knit bond and connection in a regular family because of the missing parental figure, so its important to recognize, value, and not take for granted the existence of that person who completes a family and contributes so much to a child’s life.