Car First Aid Supplies and Their Importance

The last thing on your mind when are you planning travel would be having first aid supplies for your car. Though given low priority, first aid kits can be of great help in times of emergencies. It is therefore advised that all car owners have one always as they never know what might happen while on the road. The kit needs to be fitted with all the correct supplies that are likely to be needed in the occurrence of an emergency. First aid supplies can be used to treat both minor and major ailments and injuries.

Essential first aid supplies for your car include: antibiotics, safety pins, wire-gauze pads, hydro-cortisone creams, antiseptic and antiseptic wipes, thermometer, cotton balls and swabs, adhesive bandages, absorbent compress dressings, Vaseline or any other petroleum jelly, scissors, tweezers, needles, a saline solution, hand sanitizer, hot and cold packs, suction bulb, a breathing barrier, disposable gloves and mask, eye-wash, first aid manual-book and plastic bag for disposing off used items.

It is also wise to include general and personal medications in the kit. All first aid supplies should cover both kids and adults as you never know who may be in need. Other supplies that you may need to have include emergency tools such as a water-resistant flashlight which has extra batteries, emergency blanket, sunscreen lotion, emergency phone contacts and a cell-phone which has dashboard compatible charger.

Having  first aid supplies in your car allow you to treat simple injuries and wounds and prevent them from being infected. It also helps you handle critical emergency situations while on the road, before getting a professional’s help. Therefore it can be said that first aid supplies can be used to save lives.When in areas where doctors cannot be reached, having the right first aid supplies ensure that you still get medical help. In minor accidents, giving or receiving basic first aid can completely heal or cure.

You should always keep in mind that the primary role of first aid supplies is to sustain a patient or casualty, before he or she gets professional medical attention. Therefore, it is wise to get a doctors opinion even after being administered first aid.

Given all these facts, it is clear that having first aid supplies in your car is very important and helpful. It is therefore upon every individual to keep and maintain one not only in the car but also at home, in the office and any other relevant area.