Bronchitis Causes, Sign and Symptoms

Bronchitis has been running around this winter. Bronchitis is the inflammation of the bronchial and bronchi tube mucous membrane within the chest. Generally, bronchitis is a breathing problem that affects the expiratory function. Bronchitis is a disease that is endemic to damp and cold climates but can also occur anywhere. There are two types of bronchitis; the chronic and acute;

Chronic Bronchitis is type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Sufferers usually produce a lot of mucus and find difficult in inhaling and exhaling. Chronic bronchitis is mainly caused by cigarette smoking. However, breathing dusts and fumes for a long time may also cause chronic bronchitis.

Acute bronchitis is caused by the viruses that cause cold. It can start as a sore throat, sinus infection or runny nose.


Persistent dry cough is usually the first sign of bronchitis. With time, coughing becomes clear, thin and white sputum from the lungs. As the infection progresses, the sputum eventually becomes thick, yellow, green or brown. Other symptoms include;

  • Wheezing, crackling and burning pain in the chest
  • Difficult and painful breathing
  • Mild fever
  • Headache and shortness of breath
  • Causes of bronchitis

If your child has any of these symptoms please don’t hesitate to call the office to see Dr. Connery.