Immediately after undressing your baby place him or her in warm water so the baby doesn’t get cold. While speaking gently to your newborn supporting the head, guide the baby into the water feet first. Continuely Speaking to the baby encouragingly lower the rest of the body in the Tub making sure that the head and most of the body is out of the water. To make sure the baby does not get cold; frequently pour warm water from the bath on the newborn.

While washing the newborn make sure you use baby shampoo or baby soap with a soft washcloth and gently massage the entire body and scalp of your baby keeping in mind the soft spots on the head of a newborn. When rinsing the shampoo or soap from the baby’s head put your hand over the forehead, making sure the soap does not go into the newborn eyes. Wrap the newborn in a towel as soon as you are done gently massaging the baby while drying so he or she does not catch a chill. Depending on the time of the year you should dress your baby right away.