Baby Teeth Common Guidlines

When will your child’s first baby teeth begin to poke through? How infants encounter teething can fluctuate widely, also. While others show no signals whatsoever, some have teething symptoms – – for example excessive drooling and crankiness – – months before a tooth really appears.

Baby-tooth timeline


Typically, infants get their teeth in pairs. First come the two on the base. A month or so after, the 2 above those arrive. Nevertheless, it is not unusual to-see a baby with no top teeth and four bottom, or the reverse. A general timeline:

  • Six months: lower central incisors
  • Eight months: top central incisors
  • Ten months: lower and upper lateral incisors
  • Fourteen months: first molars
  • Eighteen months: canines
  • Twenty Four months: second molars