Baby Sleep
Sleep can be very important for the health and wellbeing of your child. Just like an adult their body needs relaxation and  recovery time during the night but also during the day, the body of a baby needs to rejuvenate after all the activities performed throughout the day. Of course, there is no intense activity involved, but there are things that can consume the energy of a small child, such as crying too much, playing, crawling, laughing and the babies body growing.

Sometimes the ingredients contained in milk, like calcium and carbohydrates, can make a baby to become exhausted very fast. The optimal sleeping schedule for a baby could include eight hours every night and 1-5 naps throughout the day. Baby sleep is crucial for growth. During the sleeping time, lost cells can be regenerated. The growth of hair follicles increases and the brain can be refreshed.

Pediatric studies have shown that it can be best for a baby to be calm and fall asleep naturally. This can be easier with the aid of some relaxing music and staying close to the child, to avoid crying.
If parents force the child to sleep, difficulties could occur, as the baby could wake up suddenly.

For a quiet baby sleep, the following things have to be avoided during nighttime: hunger, excess noise, too much light and wet diapers.  If the sleep of a baby is ideal, then the parents can also sleep.