There is nothing more terrifying than examining your child and finding them covered in mysterious hives. The first thought is usually “allergic reaction”, mostly because it is a worst case scenario. Fortunately, this is not the only cause. You might want to check these other possibilities to have information to give to your local pediatrician.

Bug bites/External Irritants: Certain bugs (like horseflies) and poisonous plants leave large bites behind that look like hives. Check for itchiness, and if your child’s breathing seems normal this is possibly the cause of the hives.

Medication: Certain children will react negatively to medications they are given, and rashes are the first sign that their body is rejecting the medicine. If your child has been prescribed something recently, this could be the root of the issue.

Confirm your thoughts with your Local Pediatrician

Infection: Viral diseases lead to more cases of hives in children than anything else. Check your child’s symptoms against common illnesses like the cold and flu. If you can match a few symptoms, you have likely found the cause but it never hurts to call your local pediatrician to confirm your thoughts. If none of the above lead to the discovery of the hives cause, you can bet looking at an allergic reaction. These can be very dangerous for children, so seek medical attention immediately.