Antisocial Personality Disorder And Symptoms

What is personality?

Before defining what personality disorder is, it is important to first understand what personality is all about. It is the combination of thoughts, behaviors and emotions that makes everyone unique from others. It refers to the way people view, understand and relate to the outside world as well as how they perceive themselves. It is formed during childhood through these factors:


  • · Genetics- these are personality aspects inherited from the parents.
  • · Environment- these factors refers to the surroundings where an individual grew in, family relationship, and events or occurrences that might form a given personality.

Personality disorders are believed to be caused by the influence of the mixture of these two factors.


Antisocial personality disorder

This is a chronic mental condition in which an individual’s perception, ways of thinking and relating to the surrounding are dysfunctional and destructive. Victims of this disorder have no regard for the right or wrong and in most cases disregard the feelings and wishes of others.


Symptoms of antisocial personality disorders

This disorder is diagnosed when an individual’s patterns of behavior changes. It’s possible to identify such disorders in people aged 15 years although only people with over 18 years can be diagnosed. These victims portray the following symptoms and characteristics:


Inability to conform to social norms according to lawful behaviors- they tend to land into frequent troubles.

Deceitfulness- they usually give force information, use aliases and con others for personal gain. They usually don’t care about the feelings of others.

Impulsivity- they fail to plan ahead and may react violently or impulsively.

Irritability- they are quick to anger and tend to result to physical assaults.

Reckless disregard- they can harm others without showing any remorse or guilt regrets.

Consistent irresponsibility- they are unable to fulfill responsibilities related to work, family, or school.

Drug and alcohol abuse- most victims turn to be drug addicts and alcohol.


If you have a relative suffering from antisocial personality disorder you really need to try and change him/her. This means you should seek help. This disorder is one of the most complex disorders and treatment is still under way but counseling can help a bit. Some people have resorted to pills that are used to treat other medical illness and found relief. However, medical practitioners don’t approve this kind of medication since it may cause some serious problems. Therapy is currently the best choice to treating this disorder.