Advantages and Disadvantages of Internet on your Child

Internet usage is one of the activities that have gotten much popularity amongst children in the recent times. Children can easily access the computer and internet much easier because most parents own computers at their homes. The internet is one of the most important tools for a child if well managed but it can also cause harm if its usage is ignored by the parent. The following are some of the benefits of internet to your child:

The children are able to access learning materials like dictionaries, journals, encyclopedias and many more. The child can obtain up to date information on the current affairs within their country and around the globe. He or she is able to communicate with his or her friends easily through by email and social media. Your child also learns bout different people from different places and their diversity in terms of cultures. These children can also participate in online forums on the topics that they like. The internet also provides a variety of games and other kinds of fun that will keep your child happier and also more informed.

Apart fro these mentioned benefits, internet also pose a great danger on your child if not well managed. The parent should always make sure that his or her child is accessing the sides that are safe because some of the information on the internet might mislead your child due to the fact that internet is not well regulated.

The children can access sites that have inappropriate information for them like gambling, pornography and even hate speech. The privacy of children can also be invaded by criminals who can end up bullying or harming your child. Your child can also take much of their time on internet thus reduce his or her time for social aspect like meeting the friends or even playing with others which is very crucial for their healthy growth. Therefore, parents should help their children learn basic information about internet and also make sure that you watch over your child when on internet.