A toddler’s mental capacity becomes more complex as he/she starts to formulate impressions and thoughts through different situations and experiences. Signs that suggest development problems include the inability to run effortlessly or climb the stairs safely, persistent drooling, unclear speech and constantly having difficulty when it comes to parent separation. Toddlers develop various cognitive skills during this milestone. At 12-15, months, the child has 3-5 word vocabulary and uses gestures for communication. In addition, vocalizing substitutes crying for attention-seeking behavior. At 15-18, months, the vocabulary increases to about 10 words and this stage shows the combination of gestures with words. At 18-24, months, there is a marked increase in vocabulary accompanied by consistently pointing to body parts.

At 2 years and above, the toddler’s mental capacity has increased to the point of learning how to steer clear of common hazards such as stoves and stairs. At 3 years of age, the toddler can tell you her first and last name. With regards to cognitive development, the toddler at age 1 has improved motor development, the infant starts exploring and manipulating objects besides developing a rudimentary grasp of their features. Toward the end of their first year, toddlers form object permanence. At 1-2 years, the advent of symbolic thought is fundamental to cognitive development. This results in the toddler’s ability to produce and understand language. At age 2-3, the toddler has perfected her language skills and language use for communication with others.

Other cognition landmarks that typify a toddler’s mental capacity are: the circular reaction development through which toddlers generate new events for their sake. They do this by extending current habits tovarious objects. The other landmark at 18 months is the toddler’s ability to recognize herself in pictures and mirrors. A number of 28-30 month toddlers will have the ability to recount incidents that occurred earlier during the day. This is clearly a stage where a toddler’s mental capacity has undoubtedly developed to include impressive cognitive skills and abilities.