4 Ways of Preventing Bullying Through School

Bullying is a persistent issue that affects countless of school age children regardless of their size or status. This poses a major issue among parents and teachers because it greatly affects the self-esteem and performance of the students. With the advancement of technology and progressive social media together with traditional methods of bullying, it’s more difficult to handle these issues and requires a modernistic approach to preventing bullying through school.

Forms of Bullying

  • · Physical abuse
  • · Taunting or teasing the victim
  • · Cyberbullying, spreading rumors or making threats

In a recent study conducted, there is more than 1 in every 4 middle school students that are victims of bullying. This is a very significant finding as bullying can lead to more problems for the victims, such as committing suicide and poor school performance, among others.

With these findings, immediate intervention is needed in dealing with both victims and bullies through these 4 ways of preventing bullying through school:

1. First, parents must be able to connect with their kids at home and must change the way they parent their children at home. Parents who use physical punishment will have their children think that getting hurt physically by others is ok, while bullies are those who have experienced violence at home from their parents fighting or when they lack emotional connection from the people around them.

2. Counseling through peers, a school counselor, teachers, or the principal.

3. Teachers must be able to immediately identify bullying cases in their school. They can hand out questionnaires to both students and teachers to determine if bullying is a present situation. This way, they can address the problem specifically, depending on how the bullying is being done.

4. Parents must be involved in a bullying program. Most of the time, parents from both sides are not aware of what’s going on at school. A bullying program will not be effective when school and home does not work together.

Preventing bullying through school is very effective if parents and teachers will work hand in hand in dealing with the students. Schools who adopt a zero-tolerance policy will hopefully stop bullying in the campus.