4 Great Tips On How To Get Your Kid To Sleep In Her Own Bed


As a new parent, it is at times such an accomplishment to get a child to sleep through the night that it almost does not matter where they do it. And while this may be fine while the child is still very young, you are likely to want your own bed space back in due course which means that your child will have to learn to sleep on their own. When such a time comes and you notice that your child still insists on sharing a bed with you, here are 4 great tips on how to get your kid to sleep in her own bed as follows:

1. 1. Establish why they still want to share a bed with you

There are various reasons why your child may still want to share a bed with you and it may be harder to figure this out when confronted by an angry child. It is thus worth exploring some of the common issues that may contribute to this such as fear of things that go bump at night, disturbing sounds, extremely dark rooms, and even being jealous of a younger sibling and figuring that it is the only way to get the attention they crave.

2. 2. Have a ritual at bedtime

Some children need to be slowly wound down as their bedtime approaches and putting them to sleep before they have completely calm down is likely to see them pop back up again as soon as you think they are asleep. To avoid this, you could develop a bedtime ritual that involves giving them a warm bath and then singing to them or reading them a story. Such a ritual would alert them of their time to sleep and they are also likely to be better prepared for it.

3. 3. Provide them with something to hang on to through the night

Undoubtedly, most children tend to sleep better when they have something such as a stuffed animal that they can to hold on to through the night. Additionally, a great way to make children feel protected and safe is by having different stuffed animals where each represents a certain family member, so sleeping with a certain toy or bear can just be like having mom next to them.

4. 4. Have night lights

Investing in night lights will go a long way in banishing night terrors as for some children, darkness can turn a familiar room into a scary place. Another way of providing your child with control over the darkness in their room is by providing them with a flashlight that they can keep beside their bed.