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Preventing And Identifying Child Sexual Abuse

Parents and guardians are advised to take certain measures in preventing and identifying child sexual abuse. To start with, you have to understand that it is very difficult to know whether your child has been abused by a close...



Making-LoveTalk: Communication Made Easy With Your Spouse

Making-LoveTalk: Communication Made Easy With Your Spouse Communication. It’s either pleasant, misunderstood, loving, hurtful, or just down right dirty! Any way you spin it, you have much more control over the conversation than you may realize. Consider how a response to certain words can be controlled through conscious, intentional thoughts, or a fly-by-the mill reaction I’ll-probably-regret-thi..



Google’s new ‘Be Internet Awesome’ is a fun way for kids to learn to make smart online decisions

by Larry Magid Lecturing kids about internet safety has never been a good strategy. Conversations help, but engaging children in ways that are fun can have a much bigger impact. That’s why ConnectSafely is proud to partner with Google on its new Be Internet Awesome program, a fun way to help kids learn about internet safety, privacy and security. Other Be Internet Awesome partners are the Family Online Safety Institute and the Internet Keep Safe Coalition. The game takes children to Interland, a magical place brimming with “both awesome and blahsome surprises.” Your assignment, “embark on a quest to become a fearless explorer of the online world.” Interland is made up of Mindful Mountain (share with care), Tower of Treasure, Kind Kingdom, Reality River (don’t fall for fake) and each one of these sections is its own interactive video game aimed at young children. It’s web-based so there is no need to download or install any software. When I was first briefed about this, folks at Goo..

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